Blara Can Help

BC Floods Relief, Blara Can Help

               As many of you probably have already known from the news, in the past few weeks, our beautiful province of British Columbia has suffered severe floods, landslides, and other collateral disasters in the southwest region due to excessive rainfall, especially in the City of Abbotsford, a city that is only 15 mins drive away from the US border. Hundreds of families have lost their homes and were forced to evacuate, lives of people and animals were lost, with billions of dollars of damage. Supply chain was also disrupted. Drivers at one time, faced with long queues at gas stations and are only able to fill up to 30 litres each time due to gasoline shortage in the region. The BC Government has declared a state of emergency on 17th of November and has been extended to 14th of December. Shopping in Costco, Amazon and even grocery stores had been a headache with shoppers facing extensive shipping delays for online order, and empty shelves in-store, evoking a sense of déjà vu to the early days of the pandemic in 2020.

             Blara Organic House, as a BC-based company that aims to promote sustainability and environmentalism, we are very concerned about the wellbeing of the people in the affected areas, especially the mothers and families with young children. Many of our employees, and our founder herself, are mothers with their own families, therefore we are personally saddened and worried after seeing the news of the flooded areas. Blara wanted to help these people especially mothers with children who have been affected by these ongoing natural disasters.


          Bearing in mind of that intention, we got into contact with Mamas for Mamas, a non-profit nationwide charity organisation that aims to provide help and support for mother in needs. As the name of that organisation represents, it is a network and platform where mothers can help each other out in times of need. Their concept perfectly reflects our brand’s original story of mothers’ love for their children and it was what inspired our founder to create this brand. We reached out to Mamas for Mamas last week, and they were gracious enough to act as a channel for us to do our part in helping the affected people. We offered more than a hundred donation items of brand-new baby and children’s winter clothes to Mamas for Mamas with the hope that they could go to the people who need them the most. Blara wants to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mamas for Mamas and similar organisations which really make a difference in this world. We also would like to thank all first-responders and personnel in the region lending a helping hand to the people in the affected regions. 

           Blara cares, and Blara can help.