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Tips during a Heat Wave

Summer is finally here! You can’t wait to put on your swim suit and head out to the beach but remember the disastrous heat wave that hit western Canada last summer? People were not prepared for this kind of heat and many suffered as a result. Here are ten environmental-friendly tips that will help you get through a heat wave,


  1. Cold showers -taking cold showers can lower your body temperature and make you more comfortable during a heat wave, not to mention the hygienic benefits of it.
  2. Drink plenty of water (preferably cold) frequently, will keep you from dehydration and lower body temperature.
  3. Set your bed in the basement (if available) or the coolest spot in the house and on the floor
  4. Close the window blinds to avoid raising the indoor temperature further through direct sunlight
  5. Check on your elderly relatives and neighbours -elderly people tend to suffer the most during heat waves and in serious cases, could die from it
  6. Having fans (whether electric or traditional ones) ready because they tend to be sold out during a heat wave.
  7. Installing energy efficient types of air-conditioning such as heat pumps. -Did you know that most electricity used in British Columbia is generated from hydro power?
  8. Find out public places around your home where you can go during the hottest hours of the day -libraries, community centres, cafés, shopping malls etc. are usually air-conditioned and welcoming
  9. Dress lightly and avoid strenuous exercises especially during mid-day and afternoons.
  10. If unwell, call someone and dial 9-1-1.


Thanks to climate change, heatwaves will be more frequent affairs in the future. Tree-planting can help reduce the damages of climate change by lowering carbon emissions and releasing oxygen in the environment. Blara Organic House, as a sustainable brand aiming at doing our part during this climate crisis has decided to collaborate with Tree Nation, a non-profit NGO that have different reforestation campaign around the world aiming at neutralising the carbon emissions during the manufacturing process of our products. A tree will be planted for each customer thus spreading awareness in the community about climate change and the benefit of tree-planting.


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