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Prenatal music for baby brain development

Prenatal music for baby brain 


According to researches, baby does seem to aware to the surrounding and especially to sounds during fetal period. They will react to sound during the fetal period and also response differently to those sound after birth.

Research also show that this make fetal auditory learning possible as soon and baby as they have developed their hearing, which is around 27 weeks [1].

Baby might not understand the lyrics but they will recognize low and high pitch of the sound and early exposure to such melody will induces neural representations [2]. Furthermore, a mere 15 minutes of unattended exposure to unchanged sounds enhanced the (brains' event-related potentials) ERP responses for those sounds in adults [3].

Knowing this, we have compiled a list of prenatal music channels & category from Youtube that helps mom in pregnancy relax and baby brain development:


Youtube channel:

Lullaby to Sleep - Happy Life

1. Nova Relaxing Music -

Category: Alpha Waves

2. Mozart Music -

3. Nature Sounds for Baby -

While listening to these music can help mom and baby mentally relax, physically comfort is also important to mom to keep a relax mind.

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