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What is organic cotton and why is it important in fashion industry?

What is organic cotton and what is GOTS?

In short, organic cotton simply means that they were grown without any prohibited substances applied for three years prior to harvest. In the fashion industry, we are increasingly seeing organic cotton used in favor of sustainability. Global Organic Textile Standard(GOTS) is to date, the leading standard setters to define worldwide recognized requirements for organic textiles, with only less than 11,000 facilities around the world in 2020 managed to receive GOTS certification. GOTS certified organic cotton is a highly regarded label that is earned with a strict certification process.

There are six major processes to be inspected in order to obtain GOTS certification for your cotton. (See figure 1). From post-harvest to clothing production and trading, there will be operators undergoing site inspection cycles, and only those facilities that pass all the tests will be certified.(2)

Figure 1: GOTS certification process(2)

Learn more about the GOTS certification process here 

Feel the organic 

Here’s one example of a product made with 100% organic cotton, our BLARA ORGANIC HOUSE organic cotton dry wipe is made only using GOTS certified organic cotton. Featuring pure organic cotton, it is soft and suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin.


Figure 2: BLARA ORGANIC HOUSE Organic Cotton Dry Wipe

Why is organic cotton better?

According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe(UNECE), the fashion industry has had dramatic growth in the early 21st century, with people in 2000 and 2014 buying 60% more clothing yet keeping them half as long. This created the era of “fast fashion”. Even though this leads to growth in the fashion industry, it also comes at the expense of pollution on earth.

Nearly 20% of global wastewater production with about 10% of global emission production is from the fashion industry. This fast fashion industry also leads to unsafe working environments, where dangerous processes are introduced with hazardous chemicals for dyeing.(3)

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Figure 3: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

This is why the use of organic cotton in garment making is encouraged. Organic cotton that is grown organically can drastically reduce the environmental impact, especially in terms of water pollution. In addition to using organic cotton, wearing the GOTS logo also assures that the products are environmentally and socially responsible.


Knowing about this situation, the founder of BLARA ORGANIC HOUSE started a company with the promises of "Zero-Addition", "Zero-Pollution", "Zero Emission", and "Zero Burden." Besides using only GOTS-certified organic cotton in all of our garments, we developed a dyeing method that only utilizes natural ingredients. Without any usage of toxic chemicals, we drastically reduces the heavy metal content and produces zero water pollution.

We are proud to announce that we are the world's first brand that received GOTS certification on natural dyeing organic cotton. Sustainability and social responsibility are part of our brand DNA and the transparency that comes with the GOTS label ensures we can set the example as an eco-friendly brand. 

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