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Your Guide to Organic Cotton Face Mask


Starting from August 25, wearing a non-medical mask is mandatory for all indoor public areas in BC, including retail stores, coffee shops and in public transit, etc (Weichel & Kotyk, 2021). This policy is reintroduced by the BC government due to a significant increase in COVID cases within the province.

To get you to prepare for this fourth wave of pandemics, we would love to introduce you to our Amazon exclusive Blara Organic Cotton Reusable Facial Mask. This Face Mask comes in three materials: Double Spandex Jersey, Sueded Oxford, and Linen. All of them are made from GOTS-certificated organic cotton and dyed with herbs.

Our Face Mask is a washable non-medical face covering that is made of soft, elastic organic cotton, making them comfortable to wear for prolonged periods. 

It comes with an adjustable ear band lock to maximize comfort, effectively reducing the pain and pressure from wearing a mask. 

Its package is small and pocket-size. It keeps your mask secure and safe when you are not using it. 

If you are interested in this product, shop Amazon exclusive Blara Organic Cotton Reusable Facial Mask: (Blue Linen) (Suede Oxford) (Double Spandex)





Weichel, A., & Kotyk, A. (2021, August 25). Mask mandate reintroduced in indoor public 

settings in B.C. British Columbia.



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