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Blara Rewards Program

We are excited to introduce a new rewards program for our loyal customers.

It's very easy! All you need is a customer account with us and you can start collecting points. For every $1 (excluding taxes and shipping) you spend in our online store you'll receive 1 Blara Point. 

Points will be automatically applied within 24 hours once your order has been marked shipped.

In order to see how many points you have collected, you need to be logged in into your account.

BLARA Points can be redeemed as followed:


 How do I get started?

Simply create an account or log in to your existing account and collect points with every purchase. Points will be credited to your account once your order has been shipped.

Can I receive points if I make a purchase in the retail store?
Yes, you can. All you need to do is to set up a customer account online first. Please mention it in store that you have a customer profile and we will credit your account with the collected points.

Can I receive points for purchasing any products in the store?
Most products are included in the rewards program. Some exceptions are gift certificates. 

What if I return an item that I received points for?
We will deduct points from your account if you decide to return an item(s). E.g. if you earned 100 Blara Points for a product, we will deduct 100 Blara Points from your account.

How can I redeem points?

Points can be redeemed in store or online. When you purchase some items, you leave notes to told us what you want to redeem. We will send you an email about how many points do you have, and whether or not can redeem. If you can, we will ship it together.





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