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We do not use chemicals during our production - Blara Organic House

When we embarked on this journey, we realized that Organic products were often just one or two colours. We believe that consumer’s deserved and needed Organic products that still had a fashionable edge. Facilities that can manufacture Organic products and dyes are limited.

A year was spent doing our due diligence and research before we found a facility that met all the requirements to deliver consumers a quality Organic product.

Through experimentation and research, we came across a method of dyeing Organic and natural fibres that would keep the integrity of the product. Wanting to change how eco-friendly products were created, we worked diligently to find the right solution to bring some colour into the industry, naturally.

Using plants, fruits, and traditional Chinese medicinal products we were able to dye our fabrics without adding harmful chemicals to them. As we do not use chemicals during our production, the colour may fade but when handled with care this would occur slowly. 

We are able to dye our fabrics without adding harmful chemicals to them - Blara Organic House


There may be a hesitation because we are manufactured in China but it is because Canada lacks the facilities to produce Organic fabrics with technology to naturally dye them. Having spent a significant amount of time researching and evaluating facilities in China, we are confident in our choice.

To ensure the integrity of the production, we have our own team that works with the facility onsite. All the workers in our facility are fairly paid and work reasonable hours.

Our products are produced at a high quality regardless of where they are manufactured. We hope that we can, not only change the dialogue in how Organic goods are produced, but as well to diminish some of the stigma around manufacturing products of this standard in China.


High quality and sustainable products - Blara Organic House





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