Our Story

"Sharing our purest form of love with you and your family!"

Revolutionising the industry since it’s inception in 2016, Blara Organic House has paved the way for real sustainable change in the eco-fashion industry. Our products are not only made from certified organic cotton but utilize other natural fibres to provide garments that are truly natural. We believe that living a healthy and sustainable life should be incorporated in all aspects of our lives, whether it is nourishing our bodies with organic foods to making responsible choices in the quality of clothing we choose to wear

Not only do we want to create environmentally conscious garments but as well, provide innovative technology that can make creating organic clothes more accessible to all. We dedicated a year to researching and developing the technology that allows us to create sustainable fabrics that can be vibrant in color too. It is this mission that has led us to design garments that are fashionable yet sustainable. Our intention is to nourish families and the environment at the same time.

Elegant, sustainable, and full of love are our core values. A true pioneer in sustainable fashion, Blara Organic House is more than just clothes; it is a lifestyle.