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Plant A Tree


Blara Organic House has always incorporated sustainability and social responsibility into our DNA from our environmental and ethical ways of harvesting cotton to dyeing our products with natural plant-based dyes. However, we never stop striving for better way to make this world a more livable place. With this in mind, we have decided to collaborate with non-profit NGO Tree-Nation based in Belgium to plant trees around the world. This would :

  1. Reduce CO2 emissions 
  2. Help with forest restoration
  3. Provide habitat for animals
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    What made us to come up with this idea? 

    A considerable proportion of our business is conducted through online channels which means that corrugated shipping containers and emissions due to transportation of products can have negative effects on the environment. 

    Therefore, to offset this impact, we have turned to tree-planting. As we know that trees are the raw materials of corrugated cardboards and paper and that trees through photosynthesis, takes away carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turns them into oxygen. Moreover, trees can serve as habitat for birds and other animals. Due to deforestation as a result of natural or human causes, animals have lost their homes and many species have gone into extinction. Tree-planting can thus be a great way to restore the ecosystem to its homeostasis.

    Eden Projects, Madagascar

    To kick start this campaign, we have reserved a hundred trees to be planted in Madagascar, Africa by our customers which is part of the Eden Reforestation Projects or simply Eden Projects, a reforestation non-profit NGO working to rebuild natural landscapes in third world countries destroyed by deforestation. Our company has purchased a tree on behalf of each of our employee as a demonstration of our collective commitment and support to this reforestation project. 

    Deforestation is a major issue in Madagascar because of its high concentration of endemic species and extreme rates of habitat loss. In response to the large-scale loss of mangroves and upland forests Eden Reforestation Projects initiated the Madagascar Reforestation Project. The program began in 2007 and since its inception Eden has successfully planted over 16 million mangrove and dry deciduous trees in this remote area of northwest Madagascar.


    Blara's Commitment : 

    A Very Meaningful Gift in Honour of New Life

    What else is more meaningful than planting a tree to celebrate new life? Blara Organic House offers our customers who recently welcomed new lives into this world the opportunity to plant a tree as a gift. The tree symbolises new life and will continue to grow with the child as they get older. This will be the first contribution of the child to our beloved Earth.

    Plant a Tree and Give Back to Earth

    Aside from planting new trees for newborns, we have provided a chance for you to plant a tree either for yourself or on someone else’s behalf. Customers can plant a tree in honour of themselves or a special someone. What a beautiful way to give back to Mother Earth!


    How Does It Work

    Are you ready to work with us together to contribute to Earth by planting a tree? Here is how it works:

    1. After you've placed your order you will first receive a confirmation email from us about your order, with a receipt of your purchase. (PLEASE NOTE: Insert the name of the person you wish to plant the tree for under the section Special Instructions For Seller at checking out, if no information is given, we will use the name of the buyer).
    2. You will also receive a separate email with the title ‘Blara Organic House offered you a tree on Tree-Nation.' After opening the email, you click on “Plant your tree(s)” and voilà, the tree is planted for you and thank you for doing your part in making the world a greener place!
    3. You can download the certificate on the bottom right of the page and see how much CO2 you will offset in a year by doing this. (This might take awhile to appear.) For every transaction at our store, we will plant 1 tree. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check under promotions or your spam inbox.

    If there is any question, you may also contact us through email :



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