Two Sided Ruffle Blanket 90*90CM

SKU: BLRBK200101605


Two Sided Ruffle Blanket is a double-sided blanket with cool variations. One side has the pattern of pressed star marks, and one side has stripe patterns. It has a beautiful ruffled edge topped with elegant flower lace trim, makes it a practical yet fashionable baby essential.

Organic Cotton

  • Our products are made with you, your family, and our planet in mind! High quality Turkish cotton used in our collections is certified organic by GOTS, which guarantees that our fabrics must be produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically engineered seeds. 

Natural Dye

  • Using herbal plants, fruits, and traditional Chinese medicinal to dye our fabrics and without adding any harmful chemicals. This innovative technology is not just good for you, your loved ones, and our planet! 

Whether you are pursuing a green and sustainable lifestyle or a parent who values your baby's health, choosing our brand is the wisest choice for you. 

Fabric & Care


Star Jacquard Knit (95% organic cotton, 5% Spandex)


• Machine washable
• Wash in warm water
• Dryer friendly

Shipping & Exchange

Star Jacquard Knit (95% organic cotton, 5% Spandex)