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Tips during a Heat Wave

Summer is finally here! You can’t wait to put on your swim suit and head out to the beach but remember the disastrous heat wave that hit western Canada last summer? People were not prepared for this kind of heat and many suffered as a result. Here are ten environmental-friendly tips that will help you get through a heat wave,   Cold showers -taking cold showers can lower your body temperature and make you more comfortable during a heat wave, not to mention the hygienic benefits of it. Drink plenty of water (preferably cold) frequently, will keep you from dehydration and lower body temperature. Set your bed in the basement (if available) or the coolest spot in the house and...

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The Origins of International Women's Day

As a women-owned establishment, Blara Organic House is composed of mostly women-employees therefore we think we can understand women. We know that, striving for equality and eliminating discrimination is a battle that is far from over. Blara, while striving to spread awareness about environmental protection, is also conscious about the struggles that certain groups of people face every day and we aim at making the world a better place for women and our future generations.

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Storm The Street's Collection

The time of the year is finally here - Blara's new collection reveals! This year, we have something special for you! Our theme for this year is Storm the Street, which integrated fashion with different sporty elements through utilizing different tailoring methods to present the character of a casual sports style!

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Winter Skin Problems in Babies and Kids

As the air becomes dry in autumn and winter, babies (and sometimes, adults) are likely to develop skin problems like eczema or atoptic dermatitis. So, what should we incorporate into our babies’ skin care routine in order to protect them from skin diseases like eczema? Eczema is the most common chronic inflammatory skin condition in babies. It has the characteristics of varying degrees of itching, dry and rough skin. In severe cases, it may lead to oozing at affected areas. Because of the dry climate in autumn and winter, the problem is likely to recur and can be very troublesome to parents and babies. There are three types of eczema commonly found in babies Dry type: Eczema is manifested as...

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