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What Is Slow Fashion

Slow fashion is a way to "identify sustainable fashion solutions, based on the repositioning of strategies of design, production, consumption, use, and reuse, which are emerging alongside the global fashion system, and are posing a potential challenge to it.”

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Top 5 fun places to go with your kids in winter Vancouver

Top 5 fun places to go with your kids in winter Vancouver Science world It will be pretty rainy in winter Vancouver. If you are thinking about indoor activities that will suit your family, Science World definitely would be the first choice. They have tons of interesting exhibits and shows about technology. They also have a lot of child-orientated activities so it’s a fun place to bring the family! Science World is easily accessible by the SkyTrain (close to the Main Street station) and it costs $25 CAD to enter. For early learners ages 0–5,The Wonder Gallery in Science World is perfect for them to visit. In The Wonder Gallery, there are 6 interactive area for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and...

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Tips during a Heat Wave

Summer is finally here! You can’t wait to put on your swim suit and head out to the beach but remember the disastrous heat wave that hit western Canada last summer? People were not prepared for this kind of heat and many suffered as a result. Here are ten environmental-friendly tips that will help you get through a heat wave,   Cold showers -taking cold showers can lower your body temperature and make you more comfortable during a heat wave, not to mention the hygienic benefits of it. Drink plenty of water (preferably cold) frequently, will keep you from dehydration and lower body temperature. Set your bed in the basement (if available) or the coolest spot in the house and...

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