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Back To School Collection

School is back! If you are worried about what to buy for your kids for them to looks cool in school, we are here for you! From jacket that will keep your loved one warm in this cold winter, to comfortable casual wear for them to stay at school the whole day. Below, we hand-picked some of our favourite collection for kids back to school wear.    Winter x Jacket - Cold Winter is coming soon, stay warm in our french terry full zip hoodie!  Comfy in School - Our loved one often stay late in school for projects or homework and we have the perfect wear for them to be comfy all day! Check out our shoulder panel raglan t-shirt. 

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3 tips to help your baby to sleep better

If you're reading this article, then chances are you're a new parent. If so, congratulations! Having a baby is an exciting journey, however, it also comes with a lot of challenges. One of the biggest conundrums of a new mother is with the baby waking up at night. 

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What is organic cotton and why is it important in fashion industry?

Clothing is traditionally made from non-organic cotton, toxic chemicals, and dangerous manufacturing processes, which cause 20% of global water pollution and unsafe working conditions. Learn how GOTS-certified organic cotton can make a difference in this scenario and we'll examine why it's so important in this fast-fashion era.

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